Mar 2, 2011

Lessons in Cooking for Two

     As evidenced in an earlier post, I am getting very domestic around these parts. And by domestic I mean sometimes I watch Marcus cook. A couple weeks ago, after an exhausting day of bridal registry indecisiveness, we decided to make a pasta salad. We picked up lots of delicious, crispy vegetables and some polish kielbasa and we were all set. Marcus did all the chopping because he doesn’t trust me with a knife loves using knives. I decided to be self-starter and {without any prompting or step by step directions} I began to boil the pasta. Feeling quite proud of myself, I began to hum and enjoy myself in the kitchen. Well, until Marcus turned around, got all up in my business, and asked you cooked ALLL that pasta?!

forblog 377

Rude! Yes, I cooked ALL that pasta. {please note that objects in photograph are much greater quantity than they appear} I cooked two boxes. Marcus eats a lot and I am used to seeing my mom prepare food in massive amounts for my family. I thought I was on the right track. Knowing better than to traumatize and break my cooking spirit forever, Marcus simply shrugged and said I’ll just chop more veggies. Good man.


forblog 369


forblog 373

All the ingredients on the table…..

forblog 379

We would need a B-I-G bowl..

forblog 376forblog 375

Our kitchen assistant, Jillian, mixes in the sausage.

forblog 370

Marcus made some homemade Italian dressing

forblog 378

I mixed it all together

forblog 372forblog 371

forblog 374And it was all good.

We ate pasta salad for days

But Marcus can sleep easy at night knowing that I will be able to cook for a family of 15.


LotsaPasta Laura

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