Mar 8, 2011

Tuesday Night Brain Dump

~Why is that I have used weekdays in two of my titles recently? Weird. Must be a lack of creativity

~My sisters..and I am referring to my older sister and my two future sister in laws…all made the most beautiful brides I have ever seen.

~I don’t iron. Well, I have a couple of times in my life, but now I just wear things wrinkly {I’m sure at the embarrassment of my mother} If I am feeling ambitious I might hang the article of clothing in the bathroom while I shower for a DIY steaming, but that is also a rare occurrence. I must really love Marcus’ sister Becky & her new husband Chris because I ironed a skirt to wear to their rehearsal dinner. I thought I might be turning over a new, sophisticated leaf but it was traumatic and it mostly ineffective so I won’t be adding an ironing board to our wedding registry.

~Marcus teaches a  high school confirmation class on Tuesday nights. That’s hot. {While it is hot, that is not what I was really going to say on the subject..that reflection just occurred to me as I typed his whereabouts}. I meant to say I have a love-hate relationship with Tuesday nights. I hate it because I miss him and we don’t really get to spend many evenings together and I love it because sometimes I am a solitary-loving, homebody freak.

~The other night I babysat for my niece and nephew. By the time I got there, they were already in bed for the night. I entertained myself by reading a book, but then tiptoed upstairs and just looked at them. Does that make me strange?! Not only did I just look at them while they were sleeping, I got a little weepy. I just am head over heels for those twins. Mindy, will you still let me babysit? I promise to be less weird

~My sister is making me a veil. She is crafty and I am really impressed. I am also really, really, really thankful. Can someone explain to be why a veil, more literally: a piece of tulle, costs $200.00?

~I am in the habit of exchanging long emails right now. One with my cousin Sarah. Y’all remember Sarah! I just love her, always have, always will! The other emails are from my naval base buddy Elizabeth.. love this girl, too!! Long emails are making up for my lack of Facebook.

~My mom cooks every night. My mom cooks amazing meals every night. My mom cooks amazing meals with 2 vegetables & sides. My mom doesn’t know how amazing she is. We literally eat like Kings here in the Danley household. Unfortunately, I do not possess my mom’s skillz. Don’t tell Marcus.

~I am giving up complaining/criticizing for Lent. Oh yeah, and sweets {chocolate, cookies, cake, candy, ice cream, desserts}. To celebrate Mardi Gras, I ate my weight in Girl Scout Cookies. And I want more…

~My little brother, a musical genius and weirdo, plays ‘Here Comes the Bride’ on whichever instrument is nearest to him whenever I enter his presence. I love this kid.

~I have an abundance of pregnant friends. I’m expecting babies in May, two in June, and two in July. Oh, I can’t wait!

~My bathroom needs to be cleaned

~I need a hobby

~Does anyone have any good recommendations for covering up under-eye circles? Dark, dark, dark under-eye circles?

~Want to see a picture of me, being an aunt?

 ohio 2009 155

I’m more than happy to show you :)


Sarah said...

Yay I got a blog shout out! :) I also love it cause I dont iron either. I've been in my house for almost a year and half and I dont think I've ironed anything since- wow that is really horrible. LOL Very resourceful on the shower steaming though- I just throw things in the dryer :)

~Tricia~ said...

(1)We should go on a "Photo Adventure" Miss Laura. :)
(2) I hardly ever iron, unless its for an important occasion or the shirt can't go in the dryer. There is a reason my dryer has a "De-wrinkle" mode on it and I use it frequently.
(3) This may sound weird and funny, but Preparation-H works for dark under eye circles. Seriously, google it if you're curious. It really works.

Elizabeth said...

love sharing long emails with you as well!!

Laura Michele said...

So relieved to hear I am not the only one who does not iron!!
Trish, I am always up for a photo adventure :) And thanks for the idea about preparation H for dark under eye circles. I think it would be fun to send Marcus to buy that for me, don't you?! ;)

Jiza said...

I finally found your blog. LOL. Way to go on the veil by the way! Those things can be pricey!

CindyO the Catholic Mommy said...

Hey Laura! I wanted to let you know I don't iron much either, and when I do, I put the article of clothing on, and it doesn't look like I ironed it anyway - so I gave up on that too!!! (I even use starch)

That's way awesome about the veil.

I was also wondering if you were still interested in doing birth photography - I'm due April 8th, but they will let me stay pregnant until somewhere around April 20th or 22nd. Shoot me a message to let me know if you're still interested. I know it may be difficult with your work schedule...


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