Dec 30, 2010

Mr. G.Q, himself

     It was the day after Christmas. I walked around the corner from the kitchen and then froze right in my tracks. There, standing in the dining room, was Mr. G. Q.  I froze, awestruck by his handsome posture & timeless style.

     In all seriousness, y’all… Mr. Model was none other than my younger brother. Bri-baby, Bernie, Nernie, Berns, Baby boy..and if you are feeling really formal…Brian. Despite the fact that he is NOT the youngest in my family, or the youngest boy in my family, he is often referred to as the baby boy. Blame it on that dirty blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and rascal smile.

     Believe it or not, Brian had the audacity to grow up and go away to college {Go Bucks!}. I am trying to forgive him for all this maturing and leaving the house business, but it’s hard. These days Brian can be found reading The Wall Street Journal on his computer, making important phone calls on his smart phone, achieving 4.0 GPA’s in his finance classes, becoming one with his ipod, installing new stereo systems in his car, taking Mid-shipmen cruises for ROTC, keeping his hair cut too short, giving business and financial advice for anyone who will listen, picking on his red-headed little sister, going on runs, piercing your heart with a steel gaze, and looking real handsome.

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Who is this man?! And what did you do with my little brother? You know, the one who used to be smaller than me? The one who loved Toy Story & The Lion King? The one who used to fashion himself in camouflage 24.7?

Well- whoever he is- he sure is good-looking!

{Love you Berns!}


Your beautiful, intelligent, funny, sophisticated, successful older sister ;)


marie said...

Some nice shots**

Diana said...

Beautiful images Laura! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Danley said...

He is so grown up! How did this happen?!

Laura Michele said...

Thanks friends!
@Sarah-- I.KNOW?! & how can we stop him from doing any more of it?! :)

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical. You need to find a way to preserve this forever.



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