Dec 26, 2010

Go Tell it on The Mountain

     Over the hills & everywhere…Go tell it on the mountain, our Jesus Christ is born! While Christmas Day is over, the Christmas season is just beginning! No, we are definitely not the family that takes our tree down after New Year’s. In fact-the Christmas tree did not get put up & decorated until last week. We did not finish decorating the house until Christmas Eve. Advent was much more of a time of quiet, anticipation & prayer. While I feel like the rest of the world will quickly move on from Christmas after the New Year…we will remain in joyful celebration :) The decorations won’t be put away and the tree won’t meet the curb until the Church returns to Ordinary Time {After the Epiphany & Jesus’ Baptism}.

     Christmas Day 2010 was a one I’ll always remember! Newly engaged, celebrating with both families, falling deeper into the meaning of Jesus’ arrival, and a big, Virginia Christmas miracle….SNOW :) As Christmas Day came to a close, and families were basking in the peace of Christ’s presence, comfort of full tummies, and warmth of love..the flurries began to fall. We went to bed with hopeful hearts and were rewarded with a ethereal winter wonderland when we threw the curtains open in the morning. A White Christmas! For the first time here in two decades.  I can’t think of a more beautiful reflection of God’s love for us through nature!

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A special visit from a Baltimore Oriole

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Some handsome brothers..forblog 086

Beloved Christmas scene at my house~

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Marcus & I loved our first joint Christmas celebration {as future husband and wife} I truly love having two families, and getting to be part of new traditions! Blessed, blessed, blessed! And as if buying me a gorgeous diamond ring a couple months ago wasn’t enough…I was really spoiled this Christmas by my handsome fiancé ;) He is the most thoughtful gift giver!

{Great gift.. I LOVE James Taylor}

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{Found inside CD…. AHHHHHHHHHHH}forblog 090

and {oh my goodness} He found a little table and painted & antiqued it! Our first piece of furniture!! And on top of the little table was a breathtaking Mary statue. I was pretty speechless :)

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Many Christmas Blessings,

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Jen said...

Wow, what a winter wonderland! Love it :) ++


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