Dec 19, 2010

A Day for the Daybook

Outside My Window

The sun is setting behind the tall, tall trees surrounding the houses in my neighborhood. I LOVE this time of day, and am distracted by the orange and pink glow as I type.  I also see lights in second story windows of houses down the street. I always love houses that are lit up at night. My mom was never the type to draw the downstairs curtains at night, so when you walked by my house in the could see the house light streaming into the dark night, displaying us eating dinner, doing dishes, homework at the table, etc.

I am Listening to

The sound of my brothers in the garage below. I hear my dad’s cough and the door slamming as Patrick runs in and out.

I am Wearing

My favorite sweater in the whole world! It’s a turtleneck on steroids, y’all! ;) A very, very warm olive green sweater, with my favorite American Eagle jeans tucked into the warmest boots I’ve ever owned. And I am laying in bed right now, too. Can you tell I am cold?

I am so Grateful for


The tabernacle, stark and center at mass, and the priceless moments of anticipatory adoration of the Holy Eucharist. For a church community changed. For a Eucharistic parish

For movies like “It’s a wonderful life”

For a niece and nephew that love to pretend they are Mary and Joseph

For all the baking the month of December brings

For his arm around me at mass, and for a shared prayer life

I'm Pondering

What God has in store for Marcus and I in 2011. How I can prepare to be a wife and mother. What God is trying to teach me right now. My mother’s heart.

I am Reading

Morning and Evening prayer in my Magnificat… the words that pour strength into my soul for the day, and peace in my heart and mind when I lay my head down at night.

I am Thinking

Every day is going quicker than the day before. And I’m only 24!? Bouncing ideas of how to make my time count more.

I am Creating

plugging away at my Scrapbook

ideas for Marcus’ Christmas present

A picture collage of my family for my mom’s Christmas letter

and I’m about to go create some awesome homemade Macaroni to go along with our dinner tonight ;)

On my iPod

James Taylor’s ‘At Christmas’

Go tell it on the Mountain to be specific. And my heart is full, full, full.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty

learning how to have humility at home, how to love those hard to love, how to be an open channel for Christ..

To Live the Liturgy

lighting the Advent Calendar, and praying St. Andrew’s Novena

I am Hoping and Praying

For God to bless Marcus in ways that will blow us out of the water!

For Mrs. Warren to be healed of breast cancer

For Williams in Honduras

For those alone this Christmas

For God to change and transform me

Around the House

Decorating the Christmas Tree tonight!!

One of My Favorite Things

The time of day when the sun pours through the big front windows, warming this drafty house. I have been known to bask in the sweet sun with the cats there :)

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Finishing up Marcus’ Christmas present

Baking some Christmas goodies for work

Finish wrapping presents

work, weekly adoration, 2096! Young Adult group, sidewalk counseling—the usual

cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

learning more and more about being generous with my time and helpful for others

praying for my handsome future husband

Picture thoughts:


Winter2010photoshopped 017

Loved the snow we had this week {this picture is from LAST years big snow} But I chose this picture for the light. This is that beautiful, timeless, warm afternoon/evening light I spoke of in the beginning of my post. YUM!

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