Dec 9, 2010

Dreaming of ‘Boater,’ warmer Days :)

    Cold, cold, cold. I have been SO cold all day..from the moment I poked my head out of the covers this morning {at 4:30 am, no less!} for work, I have not been able to warm up today! I am writing you from my bed, in long underwear-sweatpants, two pairs of socks, scarf and I still can’t feel my toes or nose :( I know you really don’t want to hear my rant on how dang cold my house is thankful I am my parent’s let me live here, so I digress…

    I stumbled on some pictures today of a really, really good day. It was in October, my most beloved month {all those great saint feast days!!} just a week shy of becoming a fiance :) Marcus showed up at my house with a little something he found from the thrift store. I LOVED it! Since we both had the day off, we decided to do a little project and these were the results:

Fine Art 055Fine Art 058

Notice the flowers blooming in the warm October sun?! Dreaming of that crispy, late day, hazy fall warmth today!

Fine Art 059Fine Art 060

I absolutely LOVE this little boat {and all things nautical} and loved painting it with Marcus even more. I avoided posting the close-ups, as I am not a talented painter..but I still think it turned out okay ;) And sheesh! Check out the thrift-store-treasure-finder extraordinaire  below! Somebody send us a chaperone… he’s too hot to handle ;)

Fine Art 057

Love and Blessings,

Fine Art 056

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