Dec 7, 2010

Sneaky St. Nick

Fine Art 051

Yes, I know YESTERDAY was the feast of St. Nicholas…but I was too busy eating all the chocolate and candy-canes to post. {Thank you for understanding my chocolate problem} Despite me being 24 years old, St. Nick STILL stops by on his feast day each year and enables my chocolate habit. I am eternally grateful to him for this. Unfamiliar with this Sweet Saint’s tradition?! Read this and return:St. Nicholas.  And as you can gather by the size of the shoes below, my mom is determined to  let St. Nick’s legend live on no matter how old her children are. No complaints here :)

Fine Art 050Fine Art 049

Anyways, while I was documenting this special feast day, our cat Willoughby came over to see what I was doing. And before I could stop him, he sauntered right up to the candy like he owned it. Then he looked up at me to see if I was watching him.

Fine Art 048Fine Art 052

I turned my back for a second to find my lens cap and Willoughby took that golden opportunity to celebrate St. Nicholas’ Feast Day for  himself.

Fine Art 053


Advent Blessings,

Laura {& Willoughby}

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jhobor said...

Laura your pics are always just wonderful.


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