Jan 4, 2011

A Reflection

A very, very cute reflection of Marcus & I in the living room window on one of the last days of the year :)

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Jan: Started of the first day of the year in North Carolina for my cousin, Kelly’s wedding. My sister began a radioactive Iodine treatment for her Thyroid cancer, spent time helping to kick-off a new Catholic young adult group, enjoyed 8 inches of snow, got my first root canal

Feb: taught lots of swimming lessons to preschoolers at work, celebrated Marcus’ 24th bday, prayed during Lent, went to baby shower for Marcus’ first nephew, and got my brand- spanking new Nikon  D300 DSLR

March: more chilly swimming lessons, more Lent fasting & praying, did my first maternity shoot, enjoyed the daffodils,  saw Marcus off to a conference in California, visited my aunts in Williamsburg, spent time with Brian home on spring break, began working with a girl who had a severe brain surgery & was re-learning to walk & talk {best part of March—she amazed me!}

April: Wonderful Easter, Baby Jack made his appearance, friends married, visits from grandparents & uncle, bike riding at Sea Shore State Park, visit from best friend from high school, Marcus begins applying for local fire departments, did a senior photo shoot, Mindy’s birthday

May: first beach trip of the year, Dad & Brian get older, helped with a photoshoot for Regent University, had fun at a friend’s bachelorette party, another friend’s bridal shower, celebrated my mom, danced at a wedding in The Gardens, took pictures of a sweet baby girl, took pictures of a dimpled baby boy, celebrated 2 years with Marcus, rejoiced when my best friend from high school got engaged and spent more time at the beach,  had my first Memorial day weekend off from work since I was 16!

June: I turned 24 {my favorite birthday yet!} celebrated with both Marcus’ family & my own..and ice cream cones from Doumars :) Took maternity pictures of my beloved friend Whitney, spent lots of time at the beach, spent lots of time with Marcus on a bicycle built for two, got tanner & tanner from work & play

July: Marcus gone a lot on missions and conferences and retreats. Lots of dinner dates with girlfriends, got some use out of our new canoe, gave a talk to the pro-life group I work with, celebrated with friends at more weddings, visit from my Dad’s family, took more senior pictures, played late night Scrabble,  had an amazing visit from my dear friend Heather, visited handsome Marcus at the firehouse, watched old movies with mom at the Naro

August:breakfast date with my dad, lots of babysitting, photo shoots with various little ones, had blog & logo designed, watched a movie outside at the Hermitage, spent a glorious week with my grandparents & cousins in Ohio, more canoeing

September: Got chicken pox for the second time in my life, watched my handsome man play softball, watched my friend Sam get married, went of day dates with Marcus, gave another pro-life presentation to my little sister’s girls group, Marcus sold his SAAB, Marcus’ sister, Becky get’s engaged!

October:did a photoshoot with baby Pierce, wandered around Williamsburg with Marcus, said YES to my beloved boyfriend when he asked for my hand in marriage, then spent the weekend in the beautiful mountains camping with our close friends, Marcus interviews for fire depts, I spent a week watching the kids I used to nanny for a couple years ago while their parents went out of town..this included lots of walks on the beach, went to weddings, engagement parties, two more photoshoots, and watched my niece & nephew trick or treat. {{OCTOBER, you  WIN!}}

November: engagement dinners, photo shoots, wedding dress shopping, teaching lifeguarding classes, Marcus says goodbye to his big truck, watched OSU kill Michigan, ate TWO thanksgiving dinners, basked in the happiness of being a fiancĂ©e,  Mindy’s thyroid cancer is gone, felt grateful

December:worked lots, fell in love with blogging,  marveled at the snowfalls, Christmas caroled, Christmas shopped, White Christmas, my aunt’s annual visit. AMAZING

If you read this far.. I am SO impressed. 2010.. I loved you! 2011—while I am partial to even numbered years, I’ll give you a chance ;)

Blessings for your New Year,



Annie said...

beautiful blog, Laura :)

Laura Michele said...

Annie! Hello! It is wonderful to "see" you :) I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed your new{ish} blog. I feel like I need a box of tissues anytime I catch up on it. Your beautiful pictures give me goosebumps..


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