Jan 7, 2011

A Black & White Bowling Bash

     My older brother, who I admire and love, was on a bowling league when he was younger. While I know that may encourage you to draw all types of conclusions about the type of person he was, let me just assure you that he is one of the coolest people I know. Anyhow, he won a trophy one year and when he showed it to me, I joked him for being on a bowling league. Then my mom grounded me. Not one of my finest childhood moments, just being honest around here. I HATED bowling when I was growing up. I struggle with whole ‘patience is a virtue’ thing, and had a hard time waiting for my turn. It is a looong wait when you have as many siblings as I do. Plus, I was horrible at bowling. And no matter how much I begged, my dad wouldn’t let me use the bumpers. Something about me being too old. I was 15! I needed all the help I could get!  Yes, bowling is a painful memory for me.

     When my aunt came for her annual after Christmas visit, everybody wanted to go bowling. {Well everybody besides me, but I’m the middle child and don’t get noticed much around these parts} I decided to make the best of it & brought the beloved D300 to keep myself entertained. Well, bowling was a ball, pun completely intended, {only because i am really impressed I came up with that} and I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

Bowling shoes & skirts. They just go together, right?

forblog 128

Check out our forms!! You can obviously tell I am a professional!

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Wow, Dad….dainty hand there

forblog 130forblog 134

Could he be any cuter?!

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My cute little niece & very cute sisters {my mom on the right, my aunt on the left}

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Being an aunt is the best thing ever! And they don’t judge me for my bad bowling

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And what is a trip to the bowling alley without getting some candy from the quarter machines?!

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We saw this beautiful sight {minus the Mickey D’s} when we left. We went bowling on base, and I love seeing the ships against the sunset

forblog 141

forblog 142

oh! I should mentioned I bowled a 106! This was a huge improvement than my normal 40. There is hope for me yet!



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Steph said...

Laura! Love the photos!! :)


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