Oct 21, 2010

Little Man {Mr. P}

     Probably more than I love taking portraits, I love making reconnections. There is nothing like seeing a friend you have not seen in a good 6 years, only to meet up again—with a cute baby boy in tow!! Yup, my friend Colby is the proud mama to a handsome little man :) Little Man had the sweetest disposition—calm, easygoing and a little sleepy too! I was so excited to get a chance to spend the morning with these two. Baby P has looooong, dark eyelashes, with wispy hair and the deepest gazes coming from his dark eyes. I could have stared at him all day ;) Colby—thank you SO much for letting me get to know your handsome baby boy. Motherhood looks beautiful on you!
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Love & Blessings,
Laura  :)


Anonymous said...

Laura, your work is incredible! You have sooo much talent and I want you to take pictures of my kids (when I have them...all twelve!)

Colby said...

Laura, you did an amazing job with Pierce's pictures. You are so fun to work with. You do a wonderful job, and you are so relaxing to be around. I know Pierce loved your energy. I can't wait for you to document more of Pierce's milestones in the future! You will always be the first person we call. :) ~Colby Wortham (Pierce's Mom)


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