Jan 9, 2013

No More Pagan Baby

     It was only a couple days after the woman had given birth to a whopping 9.5 lb baby. Nevertheless, she was on the ball. “Let’s get them baptized this weekend, since Brian is in town!”  We had planned on having the newest cousins baptized together, but I wasn’t expecting Mindy to be up to the task so soon!  She was right though- our little brother Brian {Rosemary’s Godfather} was only in town for a couple more days. And all of my in-laws were magically free on Sunday.  And I was more than ready to have James’ baptized, despite my just-to-be-on-the-safe-side nightly habit of dousing him with holy water and blessing him.  So the stars were aligned for a last minute baptism. Actually, I think it was a God thing, but you get my drift. 

     We decided to postpone a celebration until a couple weeks after the actual event when we had time to plan something and Mindy had more time to recover.  This way we could just focus on the Sacrament.  It turns out, thanks to fabulous Aunt B, a celebration was had anyways! The Crofts and Danley’s enjoyed a brunch afterwards which was perfectly simple and fun.  James’ slept through the whole thing.

    Actually, both the babies slept through the whole thing- the baptism that is!  Not even much of a reaction to the water, or Chrism oil.  Chrism oil that smells so yummy that I still have not bathed my baby. He smells SO holy & sweet & newborny!  While he was on his model behavior for the baptism itself, he asserted his loud, bowel making skills during picture taking time.  Loudly and Repeatedly.  I was worried he was going to have a blow out in his beautiful gown {first worn by my mother-in-law, then by his other Croft cousins} but God gave us a miracle and the diaper held up.

Before the actual baptism, Baby James’ had something very important to ask Matt & Mindy. Marcus drew this adorable onesie!!

January 168January 171   January 180 January 181  January 185 January 188 January 190     January 203  January 214  January 212January 202

I think Emily & Lucy are standing so far away because of the James-poop stench! January 216



     We didn’t have time that day to take pictures of Rosemary & James together, so we’ll be doing a little photoshoot very soon! Also, the ‘No More Pagan Baby’ title is a nod to our priest, Father Dan.  As you can tell, he is very politically correct :)

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