Oct 24, 2011

A Different Kind of Anniversary

     Two years ago, in the midst of an early life crisis, armed with a camera & a passion & a multitude of run-on sentences… I started a blog.  A love for photography, lost in papers & lesson plans during college, was reborn after a camera came as a Christmas gift. I had spent my junior & senior year of high school taking portraits, developing film, and working in the darkroom. Over 4 years later, a digital SLR captured my heart & I began sticking it in people’s face with no delay.  I dove head first into building a photography business. Enter this blog. A blog-site. All the photographer’s were doing it. So I jumped on the blog-wagon. I enjoyed sharing my work & especially writing about the relationship I had with the subject or the relationship developed through working together. It was about a year later, after spending the time portfolio building, that I understood a photography business wasn't for me. No need for a blog anymore, right? I decided to hold on to the blog for a little while longer, to archive some of my photography. As I took a small break from shooting for other people, I continued to shoot for myself.

     Something else strange happened. My little photography blog started sharing it’s space. The pictures gave way to letters & words & thoughts & stories & memories. I absolutely loved writing {this should have been a no-brainer for a girl who has a box filled with 7+ journals in the closet} My blog was transformed into a home for stories about my crazy family, my Renaissance man, lessons in faith & an opportunity for me to make fun of myself. My blog is still a photography blog in many ways, but I am so pleased with the heart & words behind them, along side them and sometimes..instead of them!

     So, Happy 2 year anniversary my little blog! How I love you! And if you hang around these parts, this bliggity-blog {my pet name for my online space} will most likely be constantly evolving. How could it not?! I’m still evolving, interests constantly changing, encountering new life situations. Stay tuned :)

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