Oct 18, 2011

The Sweetest Send-Off

     Just as I was learning the ropes of being a youth minister's wife, the Renaissance Man goes off and gets a new job! As I mentioned Marcus is {as of yesterday} a Virginia Beach firefighter! Well, a fire recruit, really. First comes 6 months or so of training & studying. So much training & studying that he had to say goodbye to his position as a youth minister. And in true Church of the Ascension style, the staff planned a little send off for him. Complete with a mass blessing Marcus in his new endeavors, as well as a firefighter themed lunch.

First come the gag gifts..

MJC Ascension party 001MJC Ascension party 012MJC Ascension party 003

then the heart-rendering ones…

MJC Ascension party 005MJC Ascension party 015

Marcus & his team.

MJC Ascension party 006  

I had to convince him to wear something other than his youth minister flannel & jeans that morning.

    MJC Ascension party 017      

Church of the Ascension has been an incredible, blessed, charitable, loving & powerful working environment. In fact, it was never a working environment..it was a family. The parish where he grew up, with the Priest he grew up with as boss…God is good! It was more than a job, it was a passion. A passion that won’t be put out with a new job. I have no doubt Marcus will always be in the youth ministry, in between fires & being a fabulous husband. We are so thankful for such a positive, welcoming experience with Church of the Ascension. We won’t be strangers! After the sweetest send-off, & the promise of Ascension’s prayers…we are off on our newest adventure!

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