Oct 20, 2011

Stalling via Wedding Photography

     I am currently working on editing our fabulous fall foliage pictures from our engagement anniversary camping trip. This could take a while… So, I figure it being nearly 5 months since the nuptials of Renaissance Man & myself, it is time to share some our wedding pictures. Today we’ll start with the pre-wedding shots!

LundyPhoto_L&M_0LundyPhoto_L&M_7LundyPhoto_L&M_26LundyPhoto_L&M_17LundyPhoto_L&M_37wgs  LundyPhoto_L&M_40wgsLundyPhoto_L&M_12wgsLundyPhoto_L&M_23wgs LundyPhoto_L&M_22LundyPhoto_L&M_19wgs  LundyPhoto_L&M_71wgsLundyPhoto_L&M_67wgsLundyPhoto_L&M_70wgsLundyPhoto_L&M_14wgsLundyPhoto_L&M_59LundyPhoto_L&M_54LundyPhoto_L&M_63       LundyPhoto_L&M_72wgsLundyPhoto_L&M_74wgs             

Next up-Bridal Portraits!!

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