Oct 23, 2011

Our Nuptial Mass

    Feeling completely calm & joyful after our First Look, I met up with my Dad around 6 pm on June 3rd as we waiting to enter the church. I blogged before about the little things I wanted to remember from our wedding..and I think the pictures really portray how happy, relaxed and focused on the sacrament we were. Yes, we had a really fun reception, but the mass was absolutely & obviously the highlight of the whole ordeal. It IS the ordeal. Too often people refer to the reception as “the wedding” or “planning the wedding” can mean planning the reception. I too was guilty of that at times.  Thankfully in the end, we put our heart & soul into planning the mass and I am so glad.

LundyPhoto_L&M_213LundyPhoto_L&M_227   LundyPhoto_L&M_222 LundyPhoto_L&M_225

LundyPhoto_L&M_248LundyPhoto_L&M_249LundyPhoto_L&M_251    LundyPhoto_L&M_254 LundyPhoto_L&M_255-63 LundyPhoto_L&M_266-69  LundyPhoto_L&M_268-71LundyPhoto_L&M_263 LundyPhoto_L&M_269-72   LundyPhoto_L&M_280LundyPhoto_L&M_281 LundyPhoto_L&M_278   LundyPhoto_L&M_282-83LundyPhoto_L&M_275 LundyPhoto_L&M_283  LundyPhoto_L&M_291LundyPhoto_L&M_325 LundyPhoto_L&M_301-101 LundyPhoto_L&M_309wgs LundyPhoto_L&M_289-90 LundyPhoto_L&M_323 LundyPhoto_L&M_324  LundyPhoto_L&M_328 LundyPhoto_L&M_331

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Kathleen said...

I laugh a little every time I see my hair against that dress. It looks SO blatantly red!:)


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