Jun 14, 2011

My Wedding

     What everybody told me before I got married is so true..namely, that your wedding day is a whirlwind. It was the quickest, most surreal {& happy!} day of my life thus far. Most of my memories of that day seem like snapshots and I know I better record them quick.

Warning: much mush. sorta sappy. gotta gush.

~Waking up at the crack of dawn, unable to sleep. Eating a big breakfast and taking a leisurely walk through my new neighborhood with my bridesmaids.

~My bridesmaids cleaning my little home so it would be spotless when Marcus & I came home that night. They REALLY scrubbed it. My BFF Whit literally was scrubbing the outside of the windows. I don’t have the heart to tell her that Marcus didn’t notice.

~Scrambling at the last minute to “alter” my lovely and {just popped pregnant}bridesmaid Heather’s dress.

~Getting ready with my sisters and mom and friends and bridesmaids. It was quite the entourage.  Eating delicious food that my sister brought for everyone. Laughing a lot and feeling really happy..no nerves!

~Walking out to see Marcus for our pictures. His reaction to his bride.  Surprised neither of us cried..loving that 30 minutes of just us before the wedding.

~Blue Hydrangeas at the church..just like the ones in my bouquets. Little gifts & graces from God like that all day

~Lining up in the back of the church right before go time, when my older sister, Mindy..turns around, gives me a hug and with tears in her eyes tells me I am the best sister any one could ask for. Truly words and a moment I will remember all my life. Also marked the beginning of my tears that day

~My dad, in the back of the church before walking me to Marcus, leaning over and whispering through held back tears, “I would say something if I could talk”

~Being SO happy during the mass, could not wipe the grin off my face. I remember telling Marcus, “this is SO fun!” Felt very attentive to the readings, psalm, homily, vows..everything!

~Winking at my little brother, who was the Altar Server.

~Hearing Jamie’s rockstar version of The Wedding Song

~Seeing the amazing example of marriage in sickness and in health in Mr. & Mrs. Molochko, who were sitting across from us.

~Crying when my older brother’s name {deployed overseas} was read during the Prayers of the Faithful

~Getting goose bumps when my sisters sang Ave Maria. So beautiful…

~Kissing Marcus at the altar..after 9 months!!!!

~Heather felt her baby kick for the first time as Marcus & I were taking our wedding vows!

~The reception was even more of a whirlwind.. I remember it was brightly lit when it was supposed to be more dim and a very obnoxious DJ..but mostly remember the love, hugs, support, quick visits, love and joy that came from being with people who are so important in our life. It was so fast, and we didn’t get a chance to say hi to everybody, but we did our best and tried to celebrate on the dance floor, too :)

I’m sharing some pictures from facebook for now, a sneak peek from my photographer, some from Heather but most of them taken by my friend Christi!

   240254_10150209718481108_107256306107_6942326_8345500_o  243988_10150193454100404_550110403_7275938_2904249_o242403_10150193459900404_550110403_7276040_7572125_o 243988_10150193454095404_550110403_7275937_1403191_o   242767_593370070252_79101644_32447923_1848953_o240171_593370130132_79101644_32447925_3206733_o251185_593370199992_79101644_32447927_5657017_n248810_593370229932_79101644_32447928_3353011_n250520_593370309772_79101644_32447932_6184497_n254835_593370464462_79101644_32447936_2364930_n248790_593370499392_79101644_32447937_827034_n246910_593370534322_79101644_32447938_672970_n      248960_593370574242_79101644_32447939_8234394_n255640_593370614162_79101644_32447941_7126419_n

Thanks for dealing with my sappy, mushy, lovey-dovey wedding post. I figure those types are allowable now and again ;)


Mrs. Renaissance Man


Kathleen said...

I love, love, love the first picture. It is so pretty!

Love.Peace.Happiness said...

You were a beautiful bride! I love the dark hair, blue flowers and the bright green dresses! Gorgeous wedding! Congratulation to Mr. and Mrs. Rennaissance Man


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