Jun 30, 2011

Humble Pie

     Ate it all day long yesterday. And yesterday sure was long. Did it feel extra long to anybody else? I left the house at O’Dark Thirty to get my pro-lifing on, then headed over to St. Matt’s for my Eucharistic Adoration hour with Marcus {& Jesus, of course}. Except, I had to make a quick stop at the drugstore because my 6 months new Basal Body Thermometer broke {NFP shoutout!}. Wellllll, I got sidetracked by the brand new Real Simple on the floorboard in our trusty rusty Nissan. I blame that magazine for making me leave my keys in the ignition as I headed into the store. The Nissan is the car in which we lost the spare key too. Lost real good. I felt so awful calling my husband to rescue me after I had already been a grumper to him that morning. {In my defense..there is a major sleep shortage in our home right now thanks to 4:40 am alarm clocks} To make matters more insufferable, we both finally had a day off and it was really ugly out. One of the only few we have had since returning from the honeymoon and we planned to go the beach. The Renaissance man had packed for the shore & we were going to head there after lunch. That’s when we noticed that the yucky gray morning and clouds were not going away. Deciding the beach was out, & that we had no idea where the spare key to the Nissan was despite a trip back home to Chesapeake and to his parent’s house in Va Beach to search for it, we made a grown-up decision. “Let’s just go to the bank & the social security office today since we have to get that done and it is too gross to go to the beach,” I reasoned. God had mercy on us in the social security office and at the bank and both were successful, quick trips. I felt a bit better, until I looked out the window and noticed how beautiful it was outside. It had turned into a perfect beach day. But now it was 3:30 and I had a photoshoot in the evening & dinner to make. I began to get excited about the dinner I had planned. It turned into a bit of a fiasco and dinnertime found me half-way to hysterical, swearing off cooking. I wiped my tears, threw the not-so-good dinner down the drain and had greek yogurt for dinner instead. My holy, long-suffering, good-looking man ate leftovers.

     I knew all day yesterday I would look back at it one day and laugh. Well, it must be too soon. I’m not laughing yet, but far be it from me to keep you from laughing at such ridiculousness. And I even left out the broken AC part of this story ;)

     And if you really needed a laugh…here is a little more  humility Marcus caught on camera during our honeymoon……

Here is me, walking along the beach. I look sorta cute

honeymoon 695

This is me FALLING. I don’t look even a bit cute

   honeymoon 703

Still falling & cuteness factor completely gone

honeymoon 704

This is me trying to play it off, knowing he documented the whole dang thing

honeymoon 705

This is me, crying beneath my sunglasses. Praying that any future children will have more coordination than I display on a daily basishoneymoon 707


So there you have it. humble, humble, humble pie. 

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Anonymous said...

Laura...I'm crying right now...wahahhahaha I love you so much.


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