Jul 10, 2011

Catching Up

     My Renaissance Man & I just returned from a week long mission trip with his youth group kids resulting in sheer exhaustion for the both of us and a nasty head cold for him. This morning we were jolted out of bed by a frantic phone call from my mother, who found a snake in the house. Manly Marcus to the rescue! I came along too, but only cheered on the snake wrangling from a distance. We then had a mad dash to return rental vehicles and go to the grocery store since we had no food in the house and STILL had not eaten breakfast {at 1 pm} We returned home even more exhausted to piles & piles of filthy laundry from our trip. Marcus tried to stay awake through lunch, but I finally sent him to take a nap, hoping it will help his cold disappear faster. Clearly we have a lot to catch up on in our little home and schedule. And in the month we have been married, I’ve still yet to blog even half of the honeymoon pictures. siiiiiiggghhh. It’s almost time for to wake my husband up to get ready for mass, but I thought I would just post some more pictures up…in case any of you were sitting on the edge of your seat waiting ;)

 honeymoon 513  honeymoon 515  honeymoon 624 honeymoon 610 honeymoon 620  honeymoon 646  honeymoon 296honeymoon 570honeymoon 460honeymoon 908   honeymoon 207  honeymoon 309 honeymoon 567honeymoon 438 honeymoon 446 honeymoon 444  honeymoon 443

honeymoon 909

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Love.Peace.Happiness said...

Love hearing about your everyday life as newlyweds!!!


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