Jul 15, 2011

A Homecoming!!!

     Some months seemed to fly by, others crawling, but finally..the 6 months are over! I’m pretty sure everyone in Hampton Roads was aware of the USS Enterprise homecoming this morning. And if you didn’t know, I’m sure the traffic gave you a clue. Well, there was a pretty special someone on that big carrier, making it’s way in this morning. Lieutenant Chris Danley looked for his family from the hangar bay, as we waved and shouted and carried on. My Dad had to work, my little brother Patrick was sick, my sister Mindy & her husband were out of town, as was My Renaissance Man…so it was just me, my mom, Kathleen, Patrick & Brian out to meet the ship today. It wasn’t the typical homecoming; however, as Chris had duty and would not be able to come off the ship. Being the veteran military family that we are, we knew better than to go to the pier with all the crazy crowds where you don’t even get to see the ship drive in. Nope, not us. Instead, 10 am this morning found the Danley clan at the sailing center, watching as the ship crossed the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. We walked along the marina on the rocks as it slowly made it’s way in. We headed towards the fishing pier right along with the Enterprise. Finally, we followed it to the last point before it made it’s slow left turn to the pier. We had an amazing view, no crowds, reporters, loud music, bad traffic. It was just us and the ship for about 20 minutes. On the same naval base where we grew up and watched my dad come home from deployments. Chris came on the hangar bay and was able to spot us {Thanks to my red dress & big straw hat} We all cheered when he sent the text reading “I see you!!”

chris homecoming 016  chris homecoming 021 chris homecoming 024 chris homecoming 025 chris homecoming 027 


chris homecoming 030

These big smiles came after Chris called & said he could see us!

chris homecoming 032  chris homecoming 037

The USS Enterprise is the world’s FIRST nuclear powered carrier. I believe it is the biggest navy ship in the world, as well as the oldest. {Double checked my facts on wikipedia..the longest ship & the second oldest} still AMAZING!

chris homecoming 073

See this woman?

chris homecoming 049She has had her fair share of homecomings.   chris homecoming 045

But instead of waving to her son, she would be waving to her red-headed husband. And instead of holding tight to her little blonde grandaughter- she would be holding on to one of her her curly-topped daughters. chris homecoming 046

This was definitely a first for the twins {who we have lovingly dubbed “the babies”}

  chris homecoming 052 chris homecoming 054 chris homecoming 055 

Sometimes they didn’t get what the fuss was all about

chris homecoming 064

And the next moment, they would be in awe with the rest of us

chris homecoming 067 chris homecoming 070  chris homecoming 060chris homecoming 074


Welcome home Chris! We missed you & we love you!

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Sarah Danley said...

Welcome home Chris!


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