Jul 26, 2011

D.J. Dad

    The Renaissance Man and I should have won some sort of prize for most obnoxious DJ ever at our wedding reception. I almost don’t know how to describe the man. Besides not playing a.single.song from the playlist that we worked really hard on, he had a strange affection for the word “slip.” We slipped into our first dance, slipped into dinner, slipped into cake cutting. Slipped all night long. He also felt a need to announce all the food as it came out and just make weird statements in general. In any event, he was entertaining to the guests {unfortunately at his own expense} and makes for lots of funny wedding reminiscing.

    We did not know it at the time, but my dad was taking careful notes of this D.J. This summer he was the announcer for my little brother & sister’s swim team at swim meets. Despite his retired naval commander-defense contractor-type A man that he is, the job seemed to be a good fit. My mom left me a voicemail after a swim meet… Laura, the kids and I are moving to Canada TODAY. Your father was the announcer at the swim meet today and completely embarrassed himself & our family. He apparently is trying to follow in the footsteps of the DJ at your wedding. You are so lucky you just got married and changed your name. I never knew the man was a closet DJ personality. This message was followed by a sigh and a click.

     Because I know my father and I know he is not an attention-hogging, joke-making-goofy remarks type of guy, I brushed off her voicemail.  Last weekend I went to watch my little sister at her swim meet. And my mom wasn’t lying. My dad truly had some sort of repressed DJ talents. He was charming..

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Although I don’t know if that is the term my mother would use..


Cat said...

I went to a wedding the other week with a pretty terrible DJ also. He actually announced the couple's last name WRONG, among other 'not thinking before he opened his mouth' issues. At least I think he got the playlist right...sorry about yours. Too funny about your dad--yikes.

Jiza Z. said...

Bahahaha. This post CRACKED me up! Love it!

Sarah Danley said...

I am LOVING this post! Too funny!
Wish I could have seen your dad :)


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