Jan 14, 2012

Nanny’s Dresses

     {Please, please, please excuse this mess of a blog. I was trying to simplify the design..ironically enough things have to get a lot more complicated in HTML world just to simplify. As I mentioned, I was over the dark colors & really over that flash header. It made me dizzy, friends. Clearly, I am not done-the header I made is probably temporary as I cannot decide what text/title/pictures/colors/etc I want. Is it ridiculous you don’t know what to call your own blog?!  And there are some major alignment issues that I don’t know how to fix. If you do, shoot me a line!}

     During my annual summer Ohio trip in 2010, Nanny decided to pull out a couple of her old dresses for me to try on. Nanny had some serious style, not to mention much slimmer hips than I do-the dresses fit perfect in the shoulders, chest & waist but my protruding hip bones nearly ripped the dresses. I managed to slip them on after doing that strange shimmying-wiggling-shaking pull that I know all you girls know what I am talking about. The little dance maneuver we do to fit into something a little too small. But, victory was mine because I got the dresses on-never mind if they bulged out a little funny in the hip region. See below for the bulging…poor stretched dress.

Ohio 2010 757Ohio 2010 752

All bulging dresses aside, how gorgeous is that scarf?! Nanny wore this dress as she left her wedding reception when she was 24. These pictures were taken about two months after my 24th birthday :)

Ohio 2010 759Ohio 2010 760 

She wore this fun dress on her honeymoon. Somebody needs to bring back 1950’s fashion. So classy!        Ohio 2010 747 Ohio 2010 751         

Hope my Nanny’s great taste in fashion was enough to distract you from a blog-in-progress! I’ll be back tomorrow to share this weeks photo-a-day project. Happy Saturday!!!

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