Jan 15, 2012

Week Two

     It was a pretty ordinary week here- Marcus is still plugging away at the EMT-Enhanced course & I’m still hanging out with Cecilia & Thomas.  Not wanting to go back to real work! My camera was lugged with me everyday, to the library, city park, my parent’s house..etc. Without further ado-

Monday-Cecilia & Thomas spend their morning in the PJ’s doing puzzles. Upon finishing they demand that the puzzles have their pictures taken. I obliged :)

photo-a-day 008

Tuesday- Marcus’ favorite Ritz-cracker-cheddar cheese encrusted chicken dinner

photo-a-day 009

Wednesday-all this rain=frizzy curls {wait, isn’t that a bit redundant?!}

photo-a-day 014

Thursday- Cecilia & Thomas learn the importance of leaving love notes. And drawing hearts. Cecilia did all the writing except ‘uncle Marcus’ and Thomas’ name. Pretty good!

  photo-a-day 010

Friday-pizza night

photo-a-day 016

Saturday morning- chocolate chip waffles…..

photo-a-day 017

Sunday- meet Howard. He lives at my parent’s house & is tended to by Patrick. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a 14 year old boy {or the whole family} Check out air swimmers !

photo-a-day 019      

Hope I can keep up the documentation next week!

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