Jan 29, 2012

Week 4

Monday- just catching up on some bloggin’

photo-a-day 063

Tuesday- Yes, this my-husband-is-working-tonight-you-better-believe-i’m-not-making-a-real-dinner-for-myself was Deeelish!

photo-a-day 064

Wednesday- big brother comes over for dinner {don’t worry, I made some real food..not Peanut butter smoothies}

photo-a-day 065

Thursday- Flowers from said big brother on the right & flowers from Marcus on the left. And please don’t think my life is all flowers & smoothies, y’all. These flowers were an attempt by my husband to heal my Ihatemyjobitits. Or I’vecridedeighttimestodayitis. In any case, I loved them!

 photo-a-day 068

Friday- In addition to flowers, Marcus knows to find the Motown Pandora station & take me for a spin around our little kitchen. Oh, the little things that heal…

 photo-a-day 066

Saturday- A bike ride in the park {followed by tennis..not to mention ice skating this afternoon… I wasn’t made for this much physical activity! I hurt everywhere!}

photo-a-day 071

Sunday- A breakfast date before mass. If you haven’t been to this little hole in the wall… I highly recommend you go. So. Good. And don’t get your panties in a bunch…we still held our fasting 1 hour before mass obligation!

photo-a-day 078      

It was a good week. It was a hard week, but it was a good, good week.


~Tricia~ said...

So that was you at Oak Grove on Sunday! I was walking with some friends and thought I saw you but I didn't have my glasses on.

~Tricia~ said...

Oops I meant Saturday

Laura Michele said...

Woah! Sorry I am all late on seeing this! YES it was me..probably huffing and puffing!! Wish I would have seen you, too!


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