Jan 16, 2012

Speaking of dresses

     Trying on my  grandmother’s old dresses wasn’t the first time I’ve played dress up at Nanny’s. {Besides the western wear, I mean} I’m not sure if it was the summer that my older sister was getting married, or even earlier, but all I know is somebody got down the wedding dresses. My grandmother’s, my mom’s and my Aunt Mary’s, that is. And as any red blooded girl out there pinning their future wedding dresses on pinterest can understand {or us already married gals, pinning them just ‘cause}, we had a ball.

My grandmother’s was my favorite out of the three

Scanned 001

On her wedding day


I couldn’t even zip up my mom’s..

Scanned 002

Here she is on the way out of her reception-

01-15-2012 01_21_11PM

My Aunt Mary’s pretty dress-

Scanned 003

My older sister’s wedding dress was also incredibly beautiful. I tried it on a couple of times since I was considering getting married in it too

1-13-11 038

Kathleen tried it on too! {I don’t know whose room this photograph is taken it, but it is a wreck!}

1-13-11 058

But nobody looked as amazing in it as my sister did on her wedding day

summer 06 032

Here I am in my wedding dress!


Obviously, my grandmother, aunt, mom & sister all kept their dresses. I’m not quite sure what to do with mine. My sister had hers preserved, responsible one that she is…but mine is just hanging up in the closet yet to be dry cleaned. I kept all the lace from the hemming and I am definitely keeping the lace bolero. Before getting married, I was all for selling the dress after the wedding. I didn’t want to deny somebody else the chance to wear such a beautiful gown. Now I’m not so sure… would love to keep in in case I have daughters who want to try it on for fun some day {I won’t expect them to want to get married in it, if they are anything like me!} or use the dress to have baptismal gowns sewn for Croftlings to come. Ideas?!


Kathleen said...

You can't get rid of it!!! What if I want to wear it????
(Mom thinks I should...but I guess it'll be awhile before we really have to worry about it... :))

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I agree I would definitely keep it! It is beautiful and you look gorgeous in it!!


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