Jan 22, 2012

Week 3

Monday- Marcus gets a hair cut.

photo-a-day 024      

Tuesday- Cecilia, Thomas & I make brownies. Cecilia & Thomas consume large{ish} amounts of the batter-Sorry Mindy! But those were organic, cage-free, etc eggs….    

photo-a-day 026

Wednesday- long day. Crossword puzzles in bed. The secret to a happy marriage. Just make sure your keep a dictionary close by. Feel free to trash talk and brag when your answer is right & his is wrong ;)

photo-a-day 028


Thursday- TWO pictures of the day. The first is a playdate with my girlfriends at Botanical Gardens {Thank Goodness for Cecilia & Thomas or else I wouldn’t have fit in at all!} THEN my sis-in-law’s 21st birthday!! We-all the sibs, that is- headed out to Yardhouse Restaurant to celebrate. Happy Birthday Jillian-sorry about the bad picture. Sometimes I don’t know how to use this camera of mine..

photo-a-day 030

photo-a-day 031

Friday-I call this picture “Stuck”

photo-a-day 034

Story to follow in a separate blog post…

Saturday- The first day this past week that I actually did my hair.  We were headed out to dinner with a couple friends.

photo-a-day 059

Sunday- I cleaned the house this weekend. As you can tell..it needed it

photo-a-day 062 

If Fridays picture intrigued you, come back for the story. A little humility never hurt anyone.

Actually, in this case, it really did hurt…

Happy Sunday y’all :)

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