Jan 2, 2012

“Praise God through whom all Blessings Flow!”

    It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year since 2010's wrap-up, where I mentioned my hesitation & distrust with odd numbered years. I know that’s weird, but I really always thought even numbered years were better. Well, I take that back. 2011 redeemed odd numbers everywhere for me.

Check it out!

 Bowling in January

forblog 136 forblog 137 forblog 140

Confirmations in February

Confirmation 2-11 003 Confirmation 2-11 006 Confirmation 2-11 001

Spring brought visits from Brian, Showers & bachelorettes & strawberry picking..

 bridal and bachelorette 226 bridal and bachelorette 250 bridal and bachelorette 266 bridal and bachelorette 044 bridal and bachelorette 051 bridal and bachelorette 124

 Strawberry Picking & Marcus band 118 Strawberry Picking & Marcus band 020 Strawberry Picking & Marcus band 040

Uncle Brian 02-11 002 Strawberry Picking & Marcus band 048

June= our wedding, first home, honeymoon

  LundyPhoto_L&M_99 LundyPhoto_L&M_278  LundyPhoto_L&M_135    LundyPhoto_L&M_268-71 LundyPhoto_L&M_323-119LundyPhoto_L&M_269-72   LundyPhoto_L&M_469wgs LundyPhoto_L&M_478wgs LundyPhoto_L&M_481wgs  

honeymoon 309 - Copyhoneymoon 632honeymoon 639honeymoon 554honeymoon 734 honeymoon 909 honeymoon 438 - Copyhoneymoon 444 honeymoon 509  

The summer took us to Ohio {where we laughed at my little brother, hung out on the hammock, played bar, got ice cream at Jeni’s and visited the little shop where Marcus bought my engagement ring}, brought my brother home from his deployment & said goodbye to Marcus’ youth ministry job

ohio2011 062ohio2011 056 ohio2011 050ohio2011 141 ohio2011 147ohio2011 279 ohio2011 263  ohio2011 289 ohio2011 323 ohio2011 331    MJC Ascension party 014  MJC Ascension party 003 MJC Ascension party 008 MJC Ascension party 001MJC Ascension party 012 chris homecoming 064 chris homecoming 073 chris homecoming 025 chris homecoming 032 chris homecoming 060

Fall 2011 meant camping trips & Halloween

 Fall 2011 107 Fall 2011 021 Fall 2011 083

Camping 2011! 059Camping 2011! 061 Camping 2011! 069 Camping 2011! 002 Camping 2011! 006Camping 2011! 050 Camping 2011! 029 Camping 2011! 030 Camping 2011! 033   

A sweet new niece & a delicious Thanksgiving is how we celebrated in November

 blog 2011 080 blog 2011 086 our first christmas 2011 275 our first christmas 2011 304 blog 2011 076

We wrapped up the year with a very Merry first Christmas & a fabulous New Year Celebration

our first christmas 2011 027 our first christmas 2011 011  our first christmas 2011 096 our first christmas 2011 228  our first christmas 2011 258 untitled 051


We were overwhelmingly blessed in 2011. We pray that we can be a source of blessing to those around us in 2012. While we did make some simple New Year’s Resolutions, the more important invitation is to grow closer to God with every coming year. More scripture, more sacraments, more quiet time, more charity, more love. We both chose words/virtues to focus on in the 2012 as well. Marcus is praying for Fortitude & I am praying for the grace & discipline to be selfless. Feel free to hold us accountable ;) Happy New Year Y'all!!!!

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Love.Peace.Happiness said...

Beautiful pictures as always! I have our emails saved in my 2011 Project Life regarding Facebook. I deactivate and activate; still struggling; but one day {its getting closer} it will be permanently deleted! I will pray for fortitude, discipline and grace to be selfless for the two of you! My One Little Word for 2012 is Simplicity! Take good care and feel free to keep me accountable as well.


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