Aug 10, 2011

Marcus & Laura, 2 months in :)

     You might be asking where I’ve been. Or that just could be my imagination… But if you were, we were on a family vacation. We headed up to Ohio for a big family reunion the last weekend in July, then spent a week at my grandparents. It was fun, romantic, exciting, exhausting, sweet, memorable, and relaxing all rolled into one. I’ll be sharing more from our trip later this week. First things first, though.. Marcus & I in the hammock in my grandparent’s backyard. We were kinda celebrating our two months of marriage. Because when you are a newlywed, you can be obnoxious like that ;)

ohio2011 053ohio2011 051ohio2011 057ohio2011 055

I guess Cecilia and Thomas were feeling a bit jealous..they came out to the hammock to snuggle too. They looooove their aunt & uncle!

ohio2011 071 ohio2011 072ohio2011 070ohio2011 069  

Oh my goodness, do I ever love this girl’s little grinohio2011 073

And I call this one “eye contact” Good job, Thomas!

ohio2011 062

This laugh. I love this laugh!

ohio2011 074

oh, the plaid. Plaid: looks adorable on 4 year old boys & great on grown men!

ohio2011 063 ohio2011 064 ohio2011 065

Sheesh! That was a lot of pictures! Stay tuned for the rest of Ohio’s adventures!!

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