Aug 25, 2011

We Ain’t Starvin’ Over Here, Folks!

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You know, I could hop on the gravy train and write about Virginia’s earthquakes, hurricanes, job changes, marriage, spirituality or other important issues.

But I’m just gonna take post pictures of food instead. Thanks for understanding.

The  top two pictures are extremely delicious turkey/zucchini/carrot burgers with homemade lemon zest mayo & crunchy romaine on you-guessed-it…homemade, olive-oil brushed, oven toasted, honey wheat oat bread. Amazing. Oh, wait? Does bread machine bread count as homemade? In the Croft household, absolutely.

The last picture is some random avocado/chickpea/bacon salad reserved for nights when Marcus has a firefighting shift, I don’t want to cook & I need to clean out the fridge & freezer. The picture is missing the homemade dressing. I’m too cheap for Kraft & Ken’s.

Happy Thursday everyone!!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

mmm mmm love me some turkey burgers!! and I'm glad the bread machine is getting some good use! :-) and yes, it definitely counts as homemade. so delicious.


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