Aug 9, 2011

Sunday Morning Music Lessons

     “What is a skill you've always wanted to learn?” Marcus asks, pulling me up from the couch on Saturday morning. But with his guitar out and notebook handy, I knew he already knew the answer. For a long while, I’ve wanted to learn to harmonize. While some naysayers say you can’t learn this skill- you have to just hear it, Marcus is not a naysayer. Mind you, I can’t even sing. Which may come to a surprise to you if you heard my sisters’ sing Ave Maria at my wedding. I guess God wanted me to have some other talents instead.

    The Renaissance man, on the other hand, is extremely musically talented. So he pulled out his notebook and guitar and proceeded to try and teach me to harmonize. We spent the morning talking about chords and practicing. I took some pictures because my music teacher was really good looking. Marcus thought I wasn’t focusing so I pulled out the tripod and let the camera fire randomly instead.

Can I just say that if my piano/flute/various music teachers growing up had been this cute, I might have stuck with the lessons!

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To clarify: Sometimes we wear real clothes, but it was Saturday morning, remember?

Also, our bare walls will be better dressed soon. As soon as I spend more time on Pinterest, searching for inspiration for cornered beds.

I successfully harmonized. many a times.

Yes, you do see a Snoopy stuffed animal & an elephant. We don’t want to be too sophisticated. In all reality, they just provide great neck support when reading in bed.

No, these pictures are not edited. As are any other in the last 6 months. I been way too busy living to edit. God made the cameras just fine :)

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