Aug 14, 2011

The Latest Model


     Whether you are telling awful jokes that make us groan, playing your harmonica, annoying your red-headed sister with the accordion, practicing the violin, flying kites, playing in the backyard, going on boy scout camping trips, writing letters to John Glenn, altar-serving, playing with your niece and nephew, swimming,  reading Boys-Life magazines or making your big family homemade ice cream, you are adored by your 5 older brothers & sisters! You remain mom & dad’s latest model*, the baby, and the perfect completion to our family.

Happy, Happy, Happy 14th Birthday!!!!!!! I LOVE you, kiddo ;)

ohio 2009 199summer 2008! 044 Turkey Day 2009 009 grad and fam reunion 075  Easter edits 003 Easter edits 002  dad retiremen and halloween 010 friends 049 friends 092 Lily 268fall 07 027 

* Ten cool points if you can reference the book where this phrase originated :)


Kathleen said...

Mom says that way too easy if you are a Mark Danley offspring.! :) And I know it is too for the record. she isn't just saying that. :)

Patrick said...

Cheaper by the dozen!


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