Aug 17, 2011

Today, a year ago

     While I am raving about the little town of Powell, Ohio, I should say that a year ago today Marcus coerced me into a little diamond store on the corner. I resisted, wary of all jewelry salespeople & their stores in general-besides-we had no business looking in there anyways, an engagement was a ways off..or so I thought! I went in, became quick friends with Kimberly of Kimberly’s Diamond Corner, eyeballed some pretty rings-one in particular-then went on my way. No big deal. Unless you ask Marcus. Very big deal. To catch the whole story, click here.

Well, we decided to go visit Mrs. Kimberly & all her diamonds on the corner. She even had our proposal picture hanging up!

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1 comment:

Love.Peace.Happiness said...


Once again, it is a very small world. Our past CEO lives in Powell. It looks like a quaint little town! You just have that glow of newlyweds!



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