Aug 16, 2011

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream!

     When my sister had surgery for thyroid cancer a little while back, our aunt had some ice cream shipped to her to ease the recovery. I vaguely remember seeing a flavor called Lavender and thinking…. weird! I didn’t even try any which is strange for a girl who, when asked in a third grade survey what her favorite food was replied: bread & ice cream. And let me tell you, not much has changed. When we were in Ohio the first week of August, drooling over antiques in Powell, I spotted a little ice cream boutique. Sure enough it was home of the weird lavender ice cream.. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream herself. Assured by the folks in Powell we had to go check it out, we walked in to complete deliciousness & adorable design. A perfect match!

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LOOK at these flavors!!

ohio2011 269 ohio2011 270   ohio2011 276

What I chose. refreshing, scrumptious, amazing, tart, sweet, fun & yum. Highly recommend it. No worries though, they let you taste test to your hearts desire. The Renaissance Man & I took full advantage of it. I’m certain we tried nearly everything in order to make an informed decision. Because that's important with ice cream!

ohio2011 275

ohio2011 280   ohio2011 278   

Here is me,  being five. Being five goes really well with ice cream.

 ohio2011 283 ohio2011 284    ohio2011 288 ohio2011 289   

Well, maybe six. I don’t know if five-year-olds can write that well. Definitely six.



Go get yo self some Jeni’s splendidly weird ice cream!!!


Kathleen said...

is that a church pew you are sitting against??? :)

Sarah Danley said...

I love the last one- you are so adorable Laura :)


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