Nov 26, 2011

More Thanksgiving, less grumpypants

Just in case you were worried that my Thanksgiving post 2.0 would feature a return of the grumpypants, I assure you this post will be mostly pictures. My family has several quirky, yet loved traditions. In the morning we always made each other placemats while watching the Macy’s Day Parade. As a family growing up without cable, a VCR, and a lack of television in general..we were glued to the parade. And the commercials for that manner. After dinner we always took a long walk & came home to watch ‘Home Alone’ & eat pie. Nobody really likes the movie Home Alone anymore, but a tradition is a tradition. Back in our no VCR days, ABC used to always play Home Alone on Thanksgiving evening. When they stopped  playing it after about ten years, we went out and bought the DVD. So, Thanksgiving at the Danleys=Home Alone.

Here is my favorite man, making delicious pumpkin bread-

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Here is me not cooking

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The placemat tradition

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Some people put a lot of time & effort into theirs

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Some people don’t

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{I still love you Brian}

I forgot to bring the camera in at my in-laws, which was really unfortunate. If I had, this blog post would be way better..with pictures of cute dark haired baby girls & sweet nephews & the hustle & bustle of food prep & an amazing Thanksgiving dinner spread. So, so good!

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