Nov 13, 2011


About a year ago my parent’s strang{ish} backyard neighbors called our house with an offer of a broken printer.

“Well it is not really broken..just kind of annoying & old. It says strange things like ‘realign ink cartridge’ over & over again. I just don’t know how to fix it” said Mrs. Strang{ish} backyard neighbor

Not because I know how to fix kind of broken printers, or because I needed one, I gladly accepted the rejected HP 950 All-in-one. Then it sat in my closet at my parent’s house. Then I brought it too my new home where it has occupied the closet here & stubbed my toe too many times. Until tonight!! Armed with a new ink cartridge, a handy husband who can fix anything, and google to frantically search unknowns, we brought the printer out. Sure enough, my Renaissance Man told that printer who was boss & out came an old research paper from My Documents. But I wanted to scan things. Scan pictures for this here blog. Scan things because I never scanned before. Scan things because I had ideas. Scan Scan Scan.  Unfortunately, the printer wasn’t having any scanning business. Even Marcus gave up. So I hung out with google for a while & probably uttered a couple ugly words under my breath. Buuuuuuuuuut, look!!!!

Scanned 001I scanned!!!!!!

Crazy curls & cowgirl boots. Not much has changed..

Now where did I put my hula hoop?

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