Nov 17, 2011


     Scanned 001      I am posting this picture NOT to show off the little blue bed I slept in until I was twelve. I’m not even posting it to prove that I’ve always had wild, rat’s nest hair. I’m not even posting it to prove to my mom that I sometimes did chores like making the bed. Nope, I am posting this picture of Laura {circa 1st grade} to show off those adorable, potterybarn-esque, fantastic sheets. Blue sheets with white ducks & ribbons tied around their necks. I never had any Disney Princess sheets, just these ducks. I don’t know where they came from & we never had a matching comforter. Just the sheets & a pillowcase. And I never thought much about them. That is until is until one evening, many years later, as I was skyping with my new boyfriend Marcus. As we were talking about our days, he began laughing & looking a little sheepish.

“WHAT?!” I demanded, smoothing my hair.

As I was in the throes of a self-conscious panic, he just laughed harder and said “it’s just this ridiculous comforter on my bed. It’s really embarrassing.” After bugging him for more details he finally let me know that is was light blue with ducks on it. I pictured some decoy-duck-manly-hunting-flannel comforter. I assured him it sounded very normal & acceptable for a college student. Even for a college student with pierced ears.

“No,” he said “it’s ducks with colorful ribbons” 

At that description, I asked to see it immediately. Sure enough, he brought it over to the camera & this is what I saw:

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This man, this brand-new boyfriend {at the time} of mine HAD MY COMFORTER!

No, it wasn’t fate..We are Catholic, friends! It was God thing! A really, really cool blue sheet & comforter duck God thing!

The duck blanket now lives in our linen closet but accompanies us on trips to the beach, camping, forts in the living room for our niece & nephew, and concerts in the grass. And maybe one day we’ll be able to use it for our kiddo’s. Our kids will be lucky enough to have the sheets AND the comforter…all because two people who had ridiculous bed linens fell in love.

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