Nov 30, 2011

Wednesday Morning Tea

1) My current favorite tea is Raspberry Zinger by Celestial Seasons. I’m glad it’s my favorite, too since that is probably the cheapest brand of tea around.

2) This is what I am making for dinner tonight. Wednesdays means no meat & hopefully a yummy soup. That also means that Wednesday is probably not Marcus’ favorite meal day. That man loves him some meat. We don’t do meat on Fridays either {because we are Catholic & could use a weekly penance. Well, at least I could use the weekly penance} but Marcus doesn’t mind that as much seeing as how we make delicious homemade pizza on Fridays.

3) Last night, as we were eating dinner {at 8 pm..whoops!} Marcus grabbed my hand all sweet-like and said “Honey, I so appreciate you always having meals planned out. You always know what we are going to have and I never have to think about things like that. Thank you”

I died on the inside laughing. I mean truly had to stifle my laughter because for one-we were eating dinner at 8 because I had no idea what to have that night. AND we were eating taco’s. Everybody knows you make tacos when you have no idea what to make for dinner. I was stifling my laughter because I don’t plan out our meals. I mean, I do kind-of, for the grocery store, but it never comes to fruition. Dinner is just as much as a surprise to me as it is to him most nights. Oh well, HE thinks I know what I am doing. Hooray, sneaky wife!

4) Today is the feast day of St. Andrew! Don’t forget to start your St. Andrew's Christmas Novena today. Saying it 15x a day seems like a lot, but it really only takes about 5 minutes from your day. We’ll do it at dinner together. We started our Jesse Tree last night, too. We don’t have a Jesse Tree so I guess you could just say we are reading the readings for a Jesse Tree. We’ll save the arts & crafts portion for the bambinos when they come along

5) Speaking of praying, I found these cool ways to pray for your husband yesterday. It was the perfect kick in the pants for how to spend my mornings after our a-little-bit-too-early-goodbye in the mornings.

6) I bought a pomegranate at the grocery store today & I am SO excited to eat it. I tried to convince Marcus that he doesn’t like them so that I could eat the whole thing myself but it didn’t work.

7) Y’all, PRAY for our local abortion clinics to close. For the past couple of years I have prayed/sidewalk counseled on Wednesday mornings at a local clinic, but in the past couple of months they have been repeatedly closed on wed mornings, or just open every other week {which is why I am here blogging, not there praying}. I truly believe if everybody prayed at least ONCE everyday, asking God to close these clinics….miracles would abound. Pray, pray, pray. Sidewalk counselors would love to be out of a job

8)  This is how I help Marcus study for his EMT tests:

“Hey Lauralou, can you quiz me on this chapter” {hands a multiple choice quiz to me}

“SURE! I’m an EXPERT at this stuff already. I’ll be glad to help you, poor medically-uneducated husband!!!!!!!"

Then I read the test but try to make the question a little bit more confusing as I do and tap my feet as I wait for him to answer.

“Babe, could you read me some of the multiple choice answers for me to choose from? And just ask the questions as they are, ok?”

“Marcus, is your patient going to give you multiple choice options for their condition?! I want you to use your critical thinking skills. And don’t dawdle…your patient might be dying….hurry it up”

{quiz is snatched from my hand, and he resumes studying by himself.}

This is a true story. Except Marcus told me I will make a great home school mom. And the truth is, while I used to be the medical expert around these places, Marcus now wins. And when I had a nausea-inducing migraine the other night, he asked to check my pupils. If he keeps this up, I just might let him deliver our babies.

9) I promise, I am still trying to re-design my blog. I can’t stand it the way it looks now. Stay tuned for when I eventually figure out how to change things  make Marcus help.

10) My sister is helping me make burlap stockings!!! Thank goodness, because we all know I can’t sew a thing.

Alright, tea is cold! Time to get this day started!

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