Nov 9, 2011

I would blog..

I would blog but I’m too busy going to bed at 8:30 every night in order to ensure the fire recruit is getting enough sleep

I would blog but I’m too busy selling my soul to pinterest

I would blog but I’m too busy eating Golden Oreos that said fire recruit somehow convinced me to buy at the grocery store

I would blog but I’m actually scrapbooking. Only because I want to use up all the supplies I’ve spent the last 10 years collecting. Then it is goodbye old expensive hobby..hello snapfish photobooks. My scrapbooks were always filled with misspellings and strange color combinations. I am truly not a crafty girl. Crofty, yes. Crafty..I wish.

I would blog but I spent last week with these kiddos:

absolutely no organization whatsoever 019    absolutely no organization whatsoever 047

except that little boy is now taller than me & the little girl has entered the pre-teen world. And their little brother {not pictured} no longer requires diaper changers. I used to nanny for these sweet little ones during college & my beachelorette pad days. Trust me, this past week was nostalgia overload. I picked them up from school, helped them with their homework,  was amazed at their excellent behavior in mass & introduced the joys of making your own pizza with them.

I would blog but I’m too busy making butternut squash soup at least once a week. Help, I’m addicted. Maybe the homemade cinnamon sugar croutons I’m putting on top are not helping.

I would blog but I am busy being proud of my little brother for being selected for Nuclear Surface Warfare. Just like his big brother.

I would blog but I am too busy voting pro-life.

I would blog but I am too busy waiting for my sister-in-law & my best friend to have their babies. That were both due like, yesterday. Oh, babies! Your mommies must have the most comfortable wombs!

I would blog but, truly, the inspiration has been lacking recently. My camera seems to hibernate once the days get a little shorter. I am also in the process of redesigning the blog a little bit. But I have no idea how to redesign a blog. I also have no idea on what I want it to look like. Typical!

I WILL be back to blog again, promise :)

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

love hearing your updates regardless. miss you!


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