Nov 27, 2011

The First Candle

     It was a big, exciting Sunday for Catholics everywhere! The Liturgical new year AND the first mass with the new translation. While we all still fumbled through all the new responses despite the handouts with the new translations, it was exciting and beautiful. And I got a pretty good idea of how out of the loop non-Catholics must feel when they try to keep up with all the responses & prayers during a mass.

    I love Advent! Marcus & I made {with the help of the dollar store} our first Advent wreath. We turned off the lights, lit the candle, found a prayer for the blessing of the Advent wreath and then enjoyed our dinner in the candlelight. We brainstormed ideas of how to celebrate Advent as much as possible, and THEN Christmas. We will do the St. Andrew’s Novena through Advent and try to set aside extra time for silence & prayer & expectation. I’m still browsing pinterest for ideas for a homemade Advent Calendar  and I would love to start doing a Jesse Tree, too. I think it is an awesome way to either review {for me & Marcus} or introduce {future Croftlings} to Jesus’ heritage.

     Happy New Year Y’all!!

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