Nov 4, 2011


     I am the  middle girl in our family. I have an older sister and a younger sister {and a couple brothers thrown in there too}. Both of them, by their nature, were/are extremely helpful in the kitchen and around the house. My older sister especially had a knack for always assessing the crazy situations in the Danley household and knowing just how to help. She was always ready to help in the kitchen, and is truly a fantastic cook. Kathleen was no different. She is naturally helpful and also makes delicious food. I’ve made many a phone calls to both of them {and my mom} asking ridiculous cooking questions. Questions I was too embarrassed for Marcus or google to know I was ignorant about. My idea of being helpful when I was growing up was to entertain. I took it upon myself to stir up the madness through my drive to make everybody laugh. Extra points if I could make my dad or brothers laugh. I avoided the dishes, cooking & cleaning as diligently as I could. Never thought I would need any of those skills! Then I got married to the hungriest man on the easiest coast. That’s when the obsessive phone calls about how to boil water started. Poor Kathleen got the brunt of it. She probably dreads dinner time as my phone calls begin. She’ll answer one thing only to have the phone ring 5 minutes later. Okay, people..I’m exaggerating a bit..but you get the idea. But I am trying. Trying to cook & to love cooking. I do love it when the food comes out good! My most recent victory..Tomato Soup. Not Campbell's. As in start with some tomatoes, roast them…and so on & so forth. It was pretty delicious..especially with grilled cheese! So I’ll keep trying because the good dinners are worth it. So is cooking with Marcus. So is eating fresh as much as possible. as the budget allows ;)  Don’t worry sister’s..I’ll still be calling frequently…hopefully the questions will get a bit less ridiculous. I’m still ashamed of my “how to hard boil eggs” inquiries. Sigh…..

  Fall 2011 005  Fall 2011 008 

Did you notice our cool cast iron dutch oven?! We scored that while antiquing in Culpepper. We feel super cool cooking with it…bring on the iron!

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