Jan 28, 2012


     It’s been a tough week. Mainly ‘cause, well, I hate my job. As in, crying a couple times a week, hate.my.job. Despite many, many, many good things in life & an overabundance of happy happenings in my life that should overshadow a slightly more than part time job…. I still hate my job.

     I suppose if you are anything like me, you are probably thinking that ‘hate’ is a strong word. I agree, y’all. I’m not proud of my job-hating. In fact, I’m down right ashamed of it. Which is why I am came here for a little therapy. I hope it helps…


~because I have a job. A steady job for the last 8 years.

~because it pays well

~because I have the opportunity to serve others

~because I met two of my best friends there

~because of the chance to be around the military community I grew up in

~because I get to work in Norfolk, my hometown

~because I get to a have a nice, long drive..a guaranteed 40 minutes to think/pray/listen to music {really reaching here…}

~because of the amazing families I met & formed relationships with as the head guard at the waterpark

~because of all the babysitting it hooked me up with during college!

~because I had the chance to become an instructor & do lots of teaching

~because of all those fun swim lesson kiddos. Even the not-so-fun ones where I was pooped on-no joke

~because of how good my boss was to me in giving me time off when my sister was sick

~because I get to work-out every time I’m there

~because I got to work with my little brother :)

~because there is not a lot of work-related stress

~because I don’t have to do my hair or make-up to go to work

~because of the relationships I formed with our patrons..more friends

~because it keeps me humble

~because it cultivates patience

~because being part time has allowed me to time to work in the pro-life ministry, do photography, have an Eucharistic Adoration hour in the middle of the week, help my sister’s family out when she had thyroid cancer, help a girl I used to babysit as she recovered from major brain surgery and…blog?

~because I get to see the Navy Ships and see cars pull over & soldiers & sailors stop and salute when colors are played

~because God gave me this job. As something to appreciate. As an opportunity to bless & be a light. I know 8.5 years seems like a long time to an 25 year old, but I know I’ll look back & these years will seem like a blink of an eye. Until then.. I’ll just keep doing my best to add to this list.

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