Sep 20, 2011

A little humble home tour

     I’ve been putting off doing my home tour simply because I wanted to finish some more projects and get more things hung up on the walls, but it is just too cute not to share. I am getting ready to decorate for fall so I wanted to capture my yellow-summertime feel before it changes. We are renting from a couple who built a studio{ish} apartment for their aging mother. She eventually needed to go to a nursing home for around the clock medical care so they decided to rent it out. We absolutely love it- It has vaulted ceilings, two light blue walls {we picked out the color-our landlord painted before we moved in}, lots of cabinets in the kitchen, and a very spacious bathroom with a walk in shower with two shower-heads. The best part for me is all the beautiful, natural streaming light. Also being able to see so much green outside our windows and not being in an apartment complex.  It is just a one bedroom so we are thankful for the walk in closet and very large linen closet. Check it out!

The lil’ baby entryway..

our home 003our home 006

Love our blue wall & the shelves

our home 005

Here is our living room..

our home 004our home 012       

Love our crates, generously donated from the Crofts. People ask me if we got them at Pottery Barn, haha!

our home 010our home 008  

more of the shelving

our home 014    our home 019

The dining area..

our home 021 our home 022


our home 026our home 027

More storage & cupboards. hooray! Please notice the fire extinguisher. Safety first y’all. There have been a couple close calls here.

our home 033     our home 032 our home 031

Bedroom. Poor bare walls :( Furniture courtesy of the most generous in-laws ever. So thankful!

our home 034   our home 040our home 038 our home 039 

Finally, Marcus’ favorite room in our home

our home 050 our home 047   our home 046  our home 049

Now imagine the two shower streams from opposite sides. Sigh. No, we don’t have two bedrooms but we have an amazing shower. Marcus would like to live in here.

our home 048 

To Do-

Hang up floating corner shelf above our bed. Put wedding photo canvas on it

Frame maps and hang in bedroom

Hang up the rest of our engagement & Wedding photos

Find awesome old huge frame and have Marcus cut a mirror for it to put in entryway

Light sheer for window treatments for the windows in living room

Paint entertainment center white. And get rid of the T.V. then install shelves.  We want to do other things in our evenings.

Big fuzzy white rug for our bedroom

Possibly put desk in the attic

Full size couch

Declutter kitchen counters

Finish decorating ceiling shelf that runs along the living room & dining room-with either birdhouses/cages or mirrors or something. Still brainstorming

Make cushion for good seating on top of hope chest


Kathleen said...

and guess what!!! When you come over next your dish towels are ready! I think they will look really good in your kitchen :)

Elizabeth said...

Love love love it!!
Can I come see it for real one day!?


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