Sep 24, 2011

Saturday Morning

     It is one of those rainy-deep clean the whole house kind of days. Much to Marcus’ surprise that means-remove everything from the room..dust, vacuum, mop- top to bottom, wash every single towel, linen, sheet in sight. Organize cabinets & closets.  Move to next room & repeat. Don’t be too impressed though, we only have two rooms, people. He was working in the bedroom while I was doing laundry and working in the hallway/living room/ dining room/kitchen/ entry way room. I went in to check on him {I promise I am not a slave driver} and I found this..

20312030    2032 203420352037   

Oh, the dedication.

I’m keeping him.


Emily @ {the heart of life} said...

Bahaha! Send him over here when you're done. I am a shameful housewife :-P

Kelly Tiblier said...



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