Sep 4, 2011

My Woman Can COOK!!!

Stop. The. Press.

This just in! Laura Michele is the most amazing cook, wife and friend a guy could ever hope for! The Lord has blessed me beyond my dirty hands, 6am wake-up-smelling-like-a-fire self deserves. Let me explain...

After a long night of playing fireman, I roused my sleepy wife long before the alarm. She was kind and loving to me despite my grungy state. Instead of complaining (which she never does anyway), she simply asked, "Love, what would you like for dinner?".

"Chicken and dumplings" I reply. No compelling reason for the choice. Just a simple man-answer. "Ok" she says.

Sure enough...8 hours later, I once again arrive from work (a little less smelly this time), and what do I find? An apron-clad wife hacking away at an entire chicken! Not only did she catch that dang thing- but she plucked it, cleaned it and made it dance too. I didn't realize a simple soup was this involved!

Despite my ignorance and feeble attempts to help, Laura managed to work through an incredibly complex series of ingredients and instructions to assemble (not like the "legos" kind of assemble...but like the ikea bed kind) an incredible Chicken and Dumpling Soup!

We had a great time preparing and sharing a delicious meal. And after a hard day's work at our respective jobs, it was so nice to have a chef-wife-best-friend to come home to.

Now if you kind readers will excuse me, I have some snuggling to do with my sleepy-headed woman (o:

Thank you my sweetheart for all you do and all you are...

Always your Renaissance Man

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Emily @ {the heart of life} said...

You are a sneaky man, Mr. Croft :)


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