Sep 1, 2011

We Entertained!!

     Entertaining is a pretty big deal when you are newlyweds and new cooks. We are proud of our little home and mostly make yummy meals, but due to a very busy three months of marriage & crazy work schedules we have not had a lot of people over yet.

     I was a little bit excited. I dusted the furniture and vacuumed the floors. I scrubbed the bathroom and lit candles. I made cookies and fruit salads and delicious chicken enchiladas. I made sure to cook with my apron on, since I actually wore something cuter than a lifeguard tee-shirt. I even made a Spanish guitar playlist.

    So who was our lucky company?! Our beloved buds Sam & Todd, along with their sweetest new addition-baby Graham. Sam is a kindred spirit, a fellow Autumn enthusiast and maybe the only person who loves James Taylor more than me. We worked together for 7 or so years before she became a mama!

The table is set!

August 2011 033August 2011 032The snickerdoodles are waiting..              August 2011 041

The chef is photographed…

August 2011 042

After eating Chicken Enchilada soup {whoops on the sour cream! Don’t worry, it still tasted amazing..} came beer and bananagrams. Or was it coffee and cookies?!

August 2011 052August 2011 053

After Sam & Marcus decided to beat everybody repeatedly, I went and hung out with Mr. Graham. He doesn’t care that I can’t spell :)

August 2011 048    August 2011 049


Sam Derby said...

Love you and your boo and we LOVED coming over. Thank you both for being so kind to us!!

Sam Derby said...

OH and P.S. Stacey Fahe called and said she was coming down with a wicked safteyache...


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