Sep 11, 2011

Distraction Post

     Believe me when I am saying I am working on a very lengthy, very nostalgic blog post. Also believe me when I tell you I have extreme focus issues. I blame my cute house. I blame a cute husband. I blame the internet most of all. So darned distracting. I am still plugging away at my blog post, but also felt the need to update.

     I feel the need to update because my blog was hacked. Not that I have an issues with the post or the hacker.. I love them just fine! It’s my mother…she says while the blog hacking was cute, it made her gag a little bit.Too much lovey-dovey or something like that.  She is still struggling with the nausea, I believe. So just in case you are one of those readers that are also feeling a little gagged by my main man Marcus’ sweet bloggin’…I thought I would give you a new post.  It is a win-win situation. Distraction from an overwhelmingly cute blog hack & the fact I haven’t been blogging for you AND it buys me some more time.


I call this distraction: TWINS!!

no, I’m not having them…my sister already did!


August 2011 091August 2011 083 

They look so identical here. And yes, I know Boy-Girl twins can’t be identical but apparently the public doesn’t. My sister gets asked if they are identical a lot.

August 2011 086

Answers to your questions

1. Yes, Thomas is wearing a necklace. But at least he chose the brown one, right? Whenever they come over to my house they make a beeline for my necklaces. Or they ask to vacuum. I try to encourage the latter.

2. It’s peanut butter remnants on the cheeks of that adorable little boy.

3. Yes, I am aware that my sister already had the world’s cutest kids and there is no hope for the rest of us. And you should see our other nephew. Don’t worry..Marcus & I will still give our 100% for cute babies too.

4. No, I don’t when I’ll ever be un-distracted enough to finish my half-finished blog post. Sigh.

5. Next time I will let Cecilia borrow my Sperry’s. I think it would have completed her look..


August 2011 074 August 2011 076    



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