Sep 4, 2011

Current Events

     When I was in 6th grade all the students in Mrs. Brocken-Borough’s social studies class had to bring in clippings from the newspaper and write a synopsis of the importance of that particular current event. It took about 3 months of this assignment before I realized that clipping articles about celebrities in The Daily Break wasn’t exactly what my teacher had in mind. While my more informed classmates were bringing in news about President Clinton’s sexual scandal, I was cutting out comics and the like. Or on a better day, wedding announcements I liked.  Call it optimism. My teacher called it below average work.

     My blog is not a current events blog. It’s a random collection of photographs and stories and snippets of my life in no particular order. If this were a current event blog, you would know

1. We survived Hurricane Irene. She was more like Thunderstorm Irene.  And I thank God for that.

Here is our home, all boarded up!

August 2011 057       

2. I didn’t feel the Earthquake-and I’m totally OK with that.

3. Today begins Marcus first day back to work. And by that I mean, youth group and confirmation and small groups are all back in full force after today’s ice cream social

4. Fully aware that he will come home feeling drained, I asked him what sounds good for dinner. He said Chicken & Dumplings. So after I finish this post, I will attempt to make The Pioneer Woman's chicken dumplings. I’m a little nervous. There is a whole chicken waiting for me in the fridge and I don’t know how I feel about that. I typically just deal with their breasts. Oh, cooking intimidation.

5. God is good. God is faithful. We trust Him and are very excited for his plans for us. That’s always current news ‘round these parts. 

6. My sister-in-law is having a baby girl this fall… her already! Can’t wait to meet her!

7. Marcus and I have been married for 3 months, yesterday. These have possibly been the fastest three months of my life thus far. And the best.

8. We love our little home. Getting some our wedding pictures up is our next goal….

9. I have more exciting blog posts lurking in the future

10.  I’m debating running away and eating at my mom’s house in order to avoid that chicken in the fridge. But my husband is way too cute for all that.

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Sam Derby said...

I hate cooking chicken too ... BUT I got this brand new recipe for it that is super easy and delish soo I will either email or text it to you!!


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