Feb 1, 2012

Why I am so sore

     My parents let us Danley kids try a variety of extracurricular activities growing up. Except horseback riding. I wanted to and they said no. Then Kathleen came along and they broke down and drove her an hour every Saturday to ride horses. She could argue that they loved her more but perhaps they valued her life less?! HAHA, just kidding redhead! Aside from horseback riding lessons, we got to do some pretty cool things. One of them being Ice Skating. I don’t remember how long we took lessons but we all really enjoyed them. My parent’s even bought us our own beautiful white skates one Christmas. This past Sunday, we tried out all our old skills. Then on Monday, we all took Advil all day. It was a good time nonetheless!

photo-a-day 085photo-a-day 087photo-a-day 088

Marcus needed a walker to start out…Thankfully Thomas helped him out & convinced him to skate without it, holding his hand ;)

photo-a-day 079photo-a-day 096

My dad & the former horseback rider, herself

photo-a-day 089photo-a-day 090

My camera had a love affair with this lil man’s face

photo-a-day 081photo-a-day 114photo-a-day 116photo-a-day 111

My mom did nothing but skate around & look really, really cute. Emphasis on the really.

photo-a-day 134photo-a-day 093

Then we had a little girls photoshoot

photo-a-day 144

photo-a-day 150photo-a-day 148

Marcus & I also practiced our ice-dancing. And tried our best to make epic-falling faces.

photo-a-day 128

Here is Marcus..practicing his moves solo

photo-a-day 155photo-a-day 152

I needed to brush up on my skating backwards trick. The only thing I still know how to do from all those lessons.

photo-a-day 158

Well, I wish I could show you our awesome ice dance routine but it mostly looked like this..

photo-a-day 127 


Go ice skating y’all! Take a camera with you! Be prepared to call out sick the next day!

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