Feb 12, 2012

Week 6


Our life during January consisted of clinicals in the hospital as well as field time with the paramedics. The clinical hours weren’t so bad but I am glad the 6 pm to 6 am shifts are over for now. Here is Marcus heading out for his last shift in the field for his EMT-Enhanced course.

feb photo of the day 005


I love wheat thins. In fact, my little brother & I used these tasty little crackers to play “communion” when we were little. I’ve since outgrown using these crackers in sacrilegious ways and now just eat them normally but they are so stinking pricey. And unhealthy. So I made my own. I would offer you some but I ate them all already. I got the recipe here. The honest truth? The ones out of the box are way better. Maybe that is because I let the dough dry out while frantically googling “What the hell is a pastry blender?!”

I don’t bake much around these parts. Even though I was little disappointed in taste, they sure looked pretty. I didn’t even have to share any with Marcus since he informed me he doesn’t like Wheat Thins. {What?! How are you even human!?!?}

feb photo of the day 006


Grocery store day. Not my favorite place in the world.

   feb photo of the day 010


Happy Birthday Marcus! Check out his birthday here

feb photo of the day 043


I forgot to take a picture of the day. Marcus didn’t and did the job for me. I was falling asleep with my big crossword puzzles book. Embarrassing or impressive, I’m not sure…

feb photo of the day 041


You might be a husband-of-a-photographer if you stop and make sure I’m ready before you blow out your candle at your family birthday party. Thanks, honey! I was ready!

feb photo of the day 064

The view outside my front door on Sunday Morning :)

feb photo of the day 072

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