Feb 26, 2012

Week 8

     I’m not going to lie to you…my photo-a-day project was reeeeaally scrambling this week.

Monday~ Just a few short years ago I was just your average lukewarm, nominal, cafeteria Catholic. Then I prayed and asked God for just one Catholic friend. He answered by sending me a huge Catholic young adult community..not to mention an amazing Catholic husband. Now I would consider myself an on-fire, passionate Catholic. And it all started with Eucharistic Adoration. There was a young adult community in Virginia Beach that focused solely on this tradition. It did wonders for my faith-that weekly opportunity to sit at the feet of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Now it is an honor for me to be on the leadership of that same young adult community. One reason I love Monday evenings.

feb photo of the day 110

Tuesday~ Lucy Grace’s baptism!!

feb photo of the day 118

Wednesday~ When Marcus’ grandma came in town for our niece’s baptism, she brought a little ornament she had made for Marcus. Now I just need to paint in his number

feb photo of the day 122 

Thursday~ As you can see..I was not feeling well. The book under the tissue box, 3,000 degrees, kept me company as I nursed myself back to health. It was a really great book- a heroic but heartbreaking book, but not the smartest selection to read when your husband is in the throes of his “SCBA hell week” during Fire Academy

feb photo of the day 123

Friday~ Marcus finishes SCBA hell week. Two of his classmates dropped out and all of the class is exhausted, sore and relieved it is over. To celebrate, we go to bed at 7:30 and watch old Sherlock Holmes movie. I’m not really into Sherlock Holmes, but after reading this book with my book club, I was intrigued and checked out some some movies from the library.     feb photo of the day 125

Saturday~ Okay, friends. I didn’t take a picture of the day on Saturday. I was too busy having an emotional meltdown. God bless Marcus. I have those things from time to time. After I got over myself, I realized I really should have taken a picture. Saturday afternoon we went and participated in 40 days for life {go sign up for an hour during Lent!!} and went on a date. But don’t worry! I won’t leave you picture-less! I snapped this incriminating picture on Tuesday morning…. looks like SOMEBODY was too worn out to put the new toilet paper roll where it goes! NOT COOL!

feb photo of the day 111

Sunday~ Good thing that somebody is so stinkin’ cute {even when you have a cold so bad that you resort to wearing breathe-right strips!}

feb photo of the day 128

So, I have to apologize for my half-hearted attempt at pictures last week. I’ll do better next week!


elizabeth @ chronic venture said...

just added the beekeeper's apprentice to my kindle wish list!!

Laura Michele said...

I bet you would love it!! I'm reading the sequel now.

Emily @ {the heart of life} said...

I love the TP picture. We have the same problem here :)


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