Feb 5, 2012

Week 5


I took a picture on Monday, I really did. Then I accidentally deleted it :( It was a picture of my young adult group, stuffing their face with popcorn during movie night. I guess they are all thankful I deleted it.

Don’t worry..I still have a picture for Monday, though!

It’s Daffodil season!

photo-a-day 217


This is my new hangout. This is the rocking chair/glider that my sister rocked her babies in. Since her babies are big now, toys and books have taken over the nursery & living room, so this chair needed a new home until the next baby. We gladly volunteered to house it!

photo-a-day 165


I call this apply-peanut buttery-coconuty- oatmealy-chocolate chippy thing…lunch!

photo-a-day 167


house/dog sitting this little guy.

photo-a-day 175


make that am. Headed to work..

photo-a-day 178


Marcus & I took our friend Isaac to our favorite place ever. Bergey's! Then we headed out back to say hi to the cows. Meet Salt! {Or maybe this one is Pepper?!}

photo-a-day 212


Over 5 years ago, my mom gave me the most incredible gift. She sponsored a child in my name through Christian Foundation for Children & Aging. While she promised to financially sponsor the child, I was responsible for praying and writing to my ‘adopted’ little brother. For over five years now, I have corresponded & prayed for Williams in Honduras. This has brought me more joy than I ever would have thought & I truly hope to go visit him through the organizations mission trips one day.

In light of that, when a missionary priest for CFCA came to our church today, Marcus & I knew immediately we wanted to sponsor another person. Since we sponsor Williams, a child, we decided this time to help provide for an elderly woman in Uganda. Meet Caltilda! We are so anxious to begin writing letters, praying & getting to know her!

photo-a-day 220

Go to CFCA & sponsor somebody today! You can make a huge difference for only 1 dollar a day! Not only will you be helping providing education, nutrition and healthcare to those in need but, their love for the Lord & the simplicity of their faith will truly encourage & bless you!


Elizabeth @ chronic venture said...

ahhh i love bergey's!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh what an awesome, Godly wonderful thing to do!!


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